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Racism policy


Anti-Racism Policy

This policy commits the department to the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination in NSW Government schools. It applies to all NSW Public School employees and students, and has implications for each school community.

1. Objectives - Policy statement


The department rejects all forms of racism. It is committed to the elimination of racial discrimination in NSW Government schools – including direct and indirect racism, racial vilification and harassment – in all aspects of the learning and working environment.


No student, employee, parent, caregiver or community member should experience racism within the learning or working environment.


Eradicating expressions of racism in learning and working environments, and challenging the attitudes that allow them to emerge, is the shared responsibility of all NSW Public School staff.


All teaching and non-teaching staff contribute to the eradication of racism by promoting acceptance of Australia's cultural, linguistic and religious diversity, challenging prejudiced attitudes and ensuring that sanctions are applied against racist and discriminatory behaviours.


Schools have trained Anti-Racism Contact Officers and provide timely and professional responses to complaints regarding racism.

2. Audience and applicability


This policy applies to all staff employed in NSW Public Schools including NSW government schools and corporate offices. It also applies to students who attend government schools and has implications for each school community.

3. Context


The NSW Anti-Discrimination Act (1977) along with the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act (1975) make racial discrimination and vilification illegal in New South Wales. These Acts provide the legislative context and foundation for the Anti-Racism Policy of the department.


The Multicultural NSW Act (2000), the OCHRE: Two years on. Learning together, working together, walking together (2015) the National Framework For Values Education In Australian Schools (2005) as well as the Department’s Aboriginal Education and Training PolicyCode of Conduct PolicyMulticultural Education PolicyStudent Welfare Policy and the Values in NSW Public Schools Policy provide related requirements that complement the implementation of this policy.


The Complaints Handling Policy Guidelines establish the standard approach to resolving complaints about racism that must be used in all learning and working environments.

4. Responsibilities and delegations


The Deputy Secretary, School Operations and Performance is responsible for ensuring the implementation and monitoring of the policy and the inclusion of anti-racism education strategies and targets within the Department’s Multicultural Plan (PDF 861.62KB).


Executive Directors and Directors are responsible for examining practices and procedures that support NSW Government schools to ensure they are consistent with the policy.


Directors, Educational Services and the Director, Early Learning and Primary Education are responsible for ensuring the availability of training for Anti-Racism Contact Officers.


Principals are responsible for examining school practices and procedures to ensure they are consistent with the policy; nominating an Anti-Racism Contact Officer and ensuring they are trained; and including anti-racism education strategies in their school plans.


All staff are responsible for monitoring their own behaviour to ensure that it does not result in anyone experiencing racism.


All teachers are responsible for supporting students to develop an understanding of racism and discrimination and the impact on individuals and the broader community.


The Leader Equity is responsible for the publication and currency of the policy and support material, the provision of advice on the interpretation and implementation of the policy and the development of anti-racism strategies to be included in the Department’s Multicultural Plan (PDF 861.62KB).

5. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements


The Deputy Secretary, School Operations and Performance will report annually, through the Department’s Annual Report and the Multicultural Policies and Services Program (MPSP) Report, on anti-racism education achievements in NSW Government schools, including reporting on the progress of anti-racism strategies identified in the Department’s Multicultural Plan (PDF 861.62KB).


The Leader, Equity will monitor the implementation of the policy and Multicultural Plan (PDF 861.62KB), and coordinate the development of the MPSP Report and MPSP Appendix for the Department’s Annual Report, which will report on the progress of anti-racism education strategies in NSW Government schools.


Schools will report on the progress of anti-racism education strategies, identified in their school plans, through their Annual School Reports.


Schools are required to maintain records of complaints concerning racism and their resolution in accordance with the Complaints Handling Policy Guidelines.

6. Contact

Leader, Equity (02) 9244 5533.