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Teaching a child is no child's play, as every parent and teacher would tell you. If you want to ensure the overall development of the student , then just restricting them to the books is not be enough. Variety in their education plan allows them to develop skills to become a good leader or a good teammate.

For all these reasons, it is essential at the Waratah Centre that to develop the faculties of the student rather than just making them learn lessons from their books. A cross curricular teaching plan fulfills the following requirements.

It makes teaching more "context based", that is, the student not only reads but with the help of practical demonstrations and experiments experiences for them self what is being taught in class.

Rather than studying alone, the child is encouraged to take part in group activities and it is up to the teachers to organize them. Working in a group will imbibe in them the importance of team effort and the need to adjust.

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